Moontrack is a multi-national provider for  GPS Tracking and fleet management solutions for different kinds of businesses, profitable  and non-profitable Organizations.


Why Moontrack?

• We provide a All-in-One, Robust and User Friendly GPS Tracking Platform.

•  Track your Assets in ACTUAL TIME.
•  Experience with us affordable solutions.
• Moontrack offers unbeatable choices, free equipment in some cases, hire or sell them to you.
•  With us, cut unnecessary use of fuel.
• Cut a REAL 50% of fuel consumption as a result of fuel theft and unnecessary engine idling.
•  Increase in Security, Safety to your Assets and loved ones from day one.
• We can integrate the existing devices on your assets to work with our platform. Choose the device brand of your choice and we will intergrate it for you.
• Moontrack runs its own severs which are securely backed up on regular basis to assure no loss of client’s data.
•  Flexible contracts for your business.
•  We provide a top notch Customer Support 24/7.

GPS Tracking Solutions

• GPS Tracking In General Transport & Logistics.
• Diesel Theft & Monitoring.

• GPS Tracking Solution in Construction & Contracting Industry.
• GPS Tracking Solution In Mining/Oil & Gas Industries.
• School Bus Tracking.• GPS Tracking in Refrigerated Cargo Industry.
• Cargo Container Tracking (Both In-Transitor Local).
• Other (You name it, we analyze all possibilities and we tailor a solution for you!).

Effective solutions

• Visibility into vehicle/Object location
• Fuel usage/Monitoring
• Speed
• Mileage
• History Playback
• Onboard diagnosis
• Extensive Reports &
• Other insights into their mobile workforce, enabling them to reduce operating and capital costs, and thus increase in revenue.

Real time tracking

Real time tracking mode has number of important features and allows to see available object list, current object position, last connection time, speed, coordinates, address, sensor parameters, important notifications, change map type, change interface language and much more.


 History shows all recorded data which server has collected from configured devices for chosen period of time. Software records all possible information received from GPS tracking device, such as speed, time, location, stops, reports, events, etc. History is displayed in different ways: visually on the map, in a graph or html/xls format.

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Events is one of the most important feature which our software offers. Events are used to trigger actions by important or disruptive activities. Customer will get instant sms/email notifications triggered by different event types.


Get detailed reports about trips, fuel monitoring, driving activity, activity in particular zone or route. Reports will help to analyze big amount of data of entire vehicle group. Reports can be exported or sent instantly to email addresses in html/xls format & text messages. 


With geofences you are able to make a virtual perimeter on geographic areas that have specific interest for you. The main reason to have geofences is to control whether the units stays within it or not, so that when the geofencing unit enters or exits the area a notification is generated.

User settings

User settings sections allows to change different account settings, colors, interface language, measurement units, timezone and personal information.